NEA Society

Founded in 1974. Members are from all over New England, and beyond.


As the natural habitat of all wildlife shrinks, we are dedicated to educating the public about the necessity of maintaining a stock of pure, wild birds in captivity to ensure the survival of the species.

Honorary Members


Carl Brandt

Kathy Dandy

Tom Doherty

Dick Kozec

Nat Mizzoni

Buddy Ouellette

Bill Parkinson

Walt Sturgeon

Alan Wilkins

Linda Wilkins




Dick Kozec



Tom Doherty



Suzanne Darrah

Membership Secretary


Peter Wilhelm



Rudy Boehm

Sergeant at Arms


Virginia Doherty

Recording Secretary


Barbara Derby



Peter Filtranti

Newsletter/Website Editor


Board of Directors


Gabriel Alvarez - 2019

Dana DiPaolo - 2019

Ken Robinson - 2019


Denise Cabral - 2020

Kathy Dandy - 2020

Norm Waycott - 2020


Rudy Boehm - 2021

Nat Mizzoni - 2021

Tony Tirone - 2021


Friends of NEA Society: 

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